Students groups

As an experienced inbound operator, STYLE Travel has been for years taking care as well for programs for students groups, no matter how their wishes were. Besides the "leisure" groups of youth coming to Prague only to learn a bit about the city and - first of all - have a rest in prague's pubs, there is a remarkable part of students who want to use their tour to Prague to compare the relations in their school branch.

Our clients are secondary schools and universities of many technical specializations, medical schools, students of architecture, future journalists or managers. Most of them come with challenging demands on the level of the program, as they want to gat really professional informations and a useful experience.

We are proud to call ourselves professional providers of specialised student programmes including excursions in companies, institutions or factories, lectures, discussions, meetings with local students, starting the abroad school cooperations etc.. We open the doors, that usualy stay closed - with our help, the students can learn to know places, wher they would never get in on theirselves.

Last but not least important - though most opf the programmes are tailormade according to the needs of every single student group, such a program is NOT expensive. The costs for arranging most of the events can be simply split between the participants so that the final price is more than attractive.

For better idea of how the program arrangements could look like, we add the standardized packages - for the themes Economy and Industry, Health Care and Social Services and Hotel Management and Gastronomy. This gives you the basic know how about how the program can be set up, what's possible and what will you pay for such a package approximately. The program arrangements are never made as "full time" to give the guests the opportunity to have a rest in the city or to add something from our offer of tourists programmes as e.g. sightseeing tours, boat trips, culture or another evening entertainment.