Terms and conditions - Non EU states

1. Reservation and conclusion of the tour contract

Based on a reservation made by the PARTNER and Style travel agency spol. s r.o. hereinafter as STYLE sends a tour contract with attachment to the PARTNER. The contract becomes valid as soon as STYLE confirms it in writing and the PARTNER sends a signed copy of the contract back to STYLE.

2. Payment

For the services contracted, a minimum deposit of 20% of the total cost is to be paid by PARTNER to STYLE. The deposit is required to hold the booking on confirmed basis.

Below mentioned paymant policy is applicable for all groups from non EU states

No. of days prior to departure % of charges per group

More than 46 Days 20% reservation fee (non refundable)

0 to 45 Days 100% of the tour cost

Special conditions apply to terms around New Year's Eve, local holidays etc.

The final invoice will be issued by STYLE when the trip has finished. If there is any overpayment or additional payment, it will be settled in accordance with the final invoice immediately, unless agreed otherwise. All payments are due to STYLE only.
All expenses related to the payments are borne by the PARTNER. If a last minute reservation is made less than 30 days before the arrival date, the total price must be transferred immediately. As a payment evidence, the PARTNER has to send their account statement proving the transfer to STYLE via fax or e-mail within 3 days after the booking date at the latest.

3. Payment methods

By Bank Transfer (Acceptable currencies - USD, EUR, CZK)

All payments should be free and clear of any withholding tax and deduction.

Bank charges, if any, for remittance (by remitting bank or by intermediary bank) would be strictly borne by payer.

4. Changes of Services and Prices

The services included in an existing contract can be changed only if agreed by both parties in a new contract supplement. Every alteration in the external economic factors (changes of exchange rate, service prices, fees, taxes) may cause a change of the total price of which the PARTNER has to be informed immediately. If the change of the services is a major one or if the price of the already confirmed services increases by more than 10%, the PARTNER is entitled to cancel the tour contract without any cancellation charges.

5. Cancellation of contract and cancellation fees

Below mentioned cancellation policy is applicable for all groups from non EU states

Cancellation no. of days prior to arrival % of cancellation charges per grou

More than 45 Days 20% of the tour cost via resrvation fee

31 to 44 Days 50% of the tour cost

0 to 30 Days 100% of the tour cost

Admission fees for cultural, sporting, and similar events as well as reservation fees for exhibitions etc. must be in case of tour cancellation charged in the full amount, because they cannot be cancelled with the service provider.

STYLE is allowed to withdraw from the contract without penalisation more than 45 days before the arrival day.

6. Passport, Visa, and Health Regulations

Every traveller has to act in agreement with the Czech passport, visa, and other regulations and laws, otherwise it is the traveller who has to bear the resulting consequences and costs.

7. Court Site

Court site is Prague. All the activities of Style Travel Agency spol. s r.o. as well as all services provided or mediated by this company are subject to the Czech Law and are governed by the Czech Commercial Code.

8. Complaints and claims

All possible complaints concerning the quality of accommodation or boarding must be solved with the local service provider immediately and on the spot.

The customers have to file complaints in writing on the spot. The service provider must be given the opportunity either to solve the problem on the spot, to provide compensation, or to decline unfounded complaints. The opinion of the service provider as well as the description of the redress or compensation must be put down in writing. By signing the complaint, both parties undertake not to raise any further claims and declare their agreement with the way in which the problem is resolved.

If no agreement is reached and the customer does not agree with the redress or compensation provided by the service provider, it is necessary to contact Style Travel Agency. A representative of STYLE must have the opportunity to solve the problem immediately and directly with the end customer and the service provider (STYLE HOTLINE: 00420602299605). STYLE analyses the state of facts and decides whether the claim is justified or not. If the claim is justified, STYLE has to examine whether the redress or compensation offered by the service provider is adequate. If it is evaluated as insufficient, STYLE has to agree with the service provider on a different measure (or higher compensation) in order to satisfy the customer.

If it is evaluated as sufficient, STYLE shall explain to the customer that the redress (or offered compensation) complies with the valid laws of the Czech Republic and also with the conventions in the tourist industry.

The decision, its justification, and the description of the redress or compensation must be put down in a written protocol in order to avoid any later discrepancies. The protocol shall be signed by all three parties concerned as a sign of their agreement, unity, and waiver of any future compensation claims. If the complaint is not resolved on the spot in spite of all the efforts described above, the customer can present the protocol including opinions of all parties concerned to their supplier (the PARTNER) and deal with the complaint there.

STYLE and the service provider send subsequently an official statement to the PARTNER. Any later complaints or claims that will not be dealt with in the above described manner cannot be taken into account.

9. Loss / Damage

STYLE is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings during the whole trip.Vložte svůj text...