Terms and conditions - EU states

1. Order and conclusion of the travel contract

Due to a booking of the partner, STYLE sends the travel contract with attachment. The booking must be in writing. The contract is concluded through the written confirmation of STYLE and the signature and return of the partner to STYLE.

2. Terms of payment - groups

After the two-sided confirmation and return of the contract is a

1. Payment / Proforma of 50% of the total price to be transferred to the account of STYLE at the latest 45 days before the start of the journey. If the amount on the account of STYLE has not arrived, STYLE is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract and to calculate cancellation fees.

2. Deposit / Proforma of remaining 50% is due 14 days prior to arrival. If the amount on the account of STYLE has not arrived, STYLE is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract and to calculate cancellation fees.

A final invoice will be created by STYLE after the end of the trip. Any overpayments or remaining payments will be refunded or payable immediately in accordance with the final invoice, unless otherwise agreed.

All payments are only to Style Travel Agency spol. s r.o. due. The costs associated with the payment (fees) are charged to the client.

For last-minute bookings (less than 30 days before departure), the total payment (100%) must be transferred immediately.

For New Year's Eve appointments, public holidays and local celebrations, different payment terms may apply (depending on the hotel and the date).

3. Withdrawal and cancellation conditions

The Partner may withdraw from the contract prior to departure by written declaration - free of charge up to 46 days prior to arrival; In other cases, STYLE is entitled to charge the following cancellation fees for a cancellation:

From 45th - 22nd day before the start of the journey 30% of the total travel price

From the 21st to the 15th day before the start of the journey 70% of the total travel price

From the 14th to the 8th day before the start of the journey 90% of the total travel price

From 07th - 0th day before the start of the journey 100% of the total travel price

Differences from the cancellation and payment conditions are possible for individual hotels and dates! Please note the specific details of the conditions in the contract.

Tickets for cultural, sporting or other events as well as reservation fees for sightseeing must be charged in full in case of cancellation, as no return is possible.

STYLE is allowed to withdraw from the contract without penalty up to 60 days before the start of the journey.

4. Changes to services and prices 

Changes to services for an already agreed travel contract are only permitted if they have been mutually agreed and confirmed in a new annex. Any change in economic conditions (fluctuations in exchange rates, prices, official tariffs, fees, taxes) may cause price changes, which must be notified to the Partner without delay. In the case of significant changes in the services or price increase of the already confirmed services exceeding 10%, the partner is entitled to withdraw from the contract free of charge.

5. Passport, visa and health regulations Each traveler is obliged to comply with the Czech passport, visa and other regulations, laws, otherwise the traveler bears all the consequences and costs.

6. Jurisdiction, law Jurisdiction is Prague. Activity of STYLE Travel Agency spol. s r.o. as well as all of the o.g. Company granted or brokered services are subject to Czech law and therefore governed by the Czech Commercial Code.

7. Complaints and Complaints

Any complaints about the quality of accommodation, meals or other services, the customer with the local service provider (hotel, tour guide, restaurant, etc.) immediately on site. End users must file the complaint immediately and on-site in writing. The service provider must have the opportunity to remedy the situation on the spot, to ensure compensation or, if necessary, to reject unfounded complaints. The statement of the service provider and the possible description of the remedy of defects or compensation must also be made in writing. With the mutual signature of the complaint, both sides have agreed not to make any further mutual claims and have shown their agreement to the solution of the problem.If there is no agreement, it is necessary to contact Style Travel Agency - HOTLINE: 00420728355807. We analyze the condition of the facts and decide whether the complaint is justified, the corrective measures and compensation are appropriate andcomply with the valid standards of the Czech Republic and customs in tourism. The decision, justification and description of remedies for deficiencies or compensations are recorded in a protocol signed by all three parties involved. If the complaint, despite all efforts in the o.g. The customer can submit this protocol with comments from all parties to his contractor (tour operator) and file the complaint there with him. Style and service providers then send the partner official opinion. Any later complaints and complaints, which are not on site in the o.g. Unfortunately, they can not be considered later. 8. Student groupsGuests are required to act in accordance with the hotel rules. The guide / caregiver / bus driver is obliged to inform his group about the hotel rules and to check the compliance with the hotel rules. On the day of arrival, the hotel may claim from the guests in a travel group, possibly from the group leader, a damage deposit of 10, - to 30, - EUR p.P. cash. The damage deposit is a direct contractual relationship between the hotel and the guest. The damage deposit may be forfeited in whole or in part by the hotel if the guests during the stay did not behave in accordance with hotel rules and have caused damage to property (eg hotel staff) or other hotel guests (eg damaged hotel furniture) or the other Hotel guests have the comfort of stay reduced (eg disturbance of the night's rest) or behaved in the hotel in another way improperly.The amount of the penalty is determined by the hotel. A statement of the final settlement of the damage deposit will be issued if one of the parties so wishes. There is no entitlement to a refund of the withheld deposit by STYLE, as this is a direct contractual relationship between the hotel and the guest and STYLE, as a third party, can not influence the action as part of the damage claim.Should the hotel rules be severely and / or repeatedly broken by the group, the hotel may evict the group at any time without claim for compensation. Despite the accommodation in this case, the ordered hotel stay in full (all nights) must be paid completely in style. Tour guide / caretaker / bus driver is obliged to solve such situations (concerning bail, accommodation) immediately on the spot directly with the hotel. Any later repayment claims must be made by the group (or individual members of the group) only at the hotel. STYLE as a travel agency bears no responsibility for any damage caused to the guest at the hotel (such as theft). The hotel bears the responsibility for these damages up to the amount of 5.000, - CZK per claim. Eventually, the hotel can be insured for such cases (it is not a rule) and then you will be compensated with the insurance company. 9. GDPR In Style travel agency spol. s r. o. We fully respect the privacy of you and your customers in terms of communication.We want to ensure that personal information is processed in accordance with the new legal requirements for the protection of personal data - please see www.styletravel.cz/gdpr/